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Wedding rentals can make so many things simpler. Tables, chairs, and tents are just a few of the basic items that may be rented to meet your wedding’s requirements. There are also wonderful decorations for your ceremony and reception that may be rented from our vendors from all throughout Southeast Michigan!

For the ultimate table setting, consider renting china and glasses from a local rental company. Bring a sense of warmth to your wedding ceremony and/or reception with the use of rented lighting and backdrops. To finish the tables for you and your guests, you may rent centerpieces and linens. If you don’t have a dance floor, you may still rent one for an outdoor event!

Renting has perks too. It’s a lot less expensive than buying new which reduces wasteful spending on goods and services. When you deal with Premier Bride’s vendors, you’ll have access to a far wider selection as well. These local companies in Detroit are guaranteed to have what you’re looking for!