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Wedding ring engraving with personal and unique words is priceless and will forever remind you of the special bond you have with your spouse. With Detroit’s Premier Bride vendors, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from even if you do not have a preferred inscription. 

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Wedding band engraving has become very popular amongst couples. We’ve got you covered if inspiration doesn’t strike straight away. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest wedding ring engraving ideas for new spouses.

With so many possibilities to personalize a wedding band, sometimes classic is best.

Most couples choose to have their wedding bands engraved with significant dates or their names’ initials to make their rings really unique. You could inscribe the date your first met.

If you plan to share the last name, engrave it. Another fantastic idea is to create a monogram using letters from both of your names. Or, you could have your vows engraved on your wedding bands. The words “I do” or “for better for worse” are good choices from your vows.

Wedding ring engraving ideas quotes:

  • Eternal Love
  • Forever Yours
  • Forever thine, forever mine
  • Love you, always and forever

If your love language is humor, you can choose to inscribe something funny on your wedding bands or even an inside joke. 

Funny wedding ring engraving quotes

  • No take-backs
  • No refunds
  • My ride or pie
  • You’re stuck with this
  • In brightest day
  • General Her-no-bee

There are no restrictions when it comes to romantic inscriptions on a wedding band. It simply needs to be important and personal to you. 

Let our Premier Bride Detroit vendors fulfill every wish and idea when it comes to engravings.