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When looking for a hotel in the Detroit area for your wedding, there are several factors to keep in mind but we have a couple of the most important ones here.

First and foremost, location matters! The closer the overnight accommodation is to the wedding party, the better. By having the site near, you may avoid long drives and the risk of out-of-town visitors getting lost. You can search for places that provide shuttles between your reception venue and hotel too. As a bonus, this assures that everyone returns home safe and sound.

Next, accessibility is critical! Aside from having overnight accommodations for everyone who needs a place, it’s also necessary to have blocks of rooms for your wedding guests. You can ask Detroit hotels to reserve a block for you in order to ensure that everyone who wants a room is accommodated. Guests can decide whether or not to share a room by looking at the types of rooms that are available.

Bonus tip, don’t overlook the details! Ask about conveniences for your visitors, such as television, internet, and parking! There’s a chance some hotels in Michigan will even offer welcome bags for your guests!

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