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Gown preservation and restoration services keep the memories in your gown alive for a long time. Find experts in the Metro Detroit area here!

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Wedding dresses are some of the most exquisite garments you’ll ever wear. That’s why wedding dress preservation is such an important service. Although it may only be worn for one day, you would want to keep your dress safe somewhere close so that you can take it out occasionally and wear it or just admire it. You’ll be able to bring it out and see exactly how it (and you) looked on your wedding day again if you have the gown properly preserved and restored. It’s possible that it will look even better with time and appropriate maintenance! 

You could even, when the time comes, pass your dress down to the next generation in pristine condition!

No matter how wild your day was or how many spills got on it, having your wedding dress restored can bring it back to life again.

Stopping the yellowing of the fabric is one of the many benefits of wedding gown restoration and preservation. Aside from protecting the fabric from mildew, it can also stop it from creasing.

It’s important to make the wedding dress preservation and maintenance properly once it has been preserved by one of Premier Bride Detroit’s preferred vendors. Store it in a cold, dark area with an airtight seal. These methods will ensure that it is safe until the next time you want to relive your wedding day memories with it.

We entrust our gowns to these Metro Detroit area providers. Before the big day, get acquainted with them so you will have peace of mind when handing them your garments once the big day is over. After your wedding, they will make sure your dress is as perfect as it was the moment you first laid eyes on it!