Detroit Calligraphy Wedding Invitations Vendors

Sending out wedding invitations is only half the job when it comes to inviting your guests! There are several considerations, ranging from the style of the invitation to the tracking of returned RSVP cards. These Metro Detroit wedding professionals are ready to help you every step of the way.

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Before sending out the official wedding invitations, make sure you send out the save-the-date announcement to your prospective guests so that they can make arrangements and make sure to attend. Save-the-dates are usually sent out at least six months prior to the wedding, but if you are having a destination wedding, we recommend sending out the save-the-dates even earlier. 

It is customary to send out your official invitations six to eight weeks before the big day, and they should include all the pertinent details for your guests. You should include the location of your reception, the time of the wedding as well as the time of the reception, and specify the dress code. Additionally, if you have any further requests (ie. a child-free wedding), putting them on the invitations is a plus. Our trusted vendors in Detroit will offer all of these and many other suggestions. 

Hand-calligraphed invitations, envelopes, or escort cards are a simple and charming addition that adds a more formality to your wedding. They set the tone for your wedding and offer your guests a taste of the level of elegance when the big day arrives. Calligraphy wedding invitations can often be show-stoppers and will provide your guests with a topic to chat about during the reception.

When you send out the invitations, you’ll be expecting the RSVP cards sent back to you, so keep that in mind. Finalizing the number of guests at your wedding is important to be able to finalize all other details such as meal and seating arrangements. 

Invitations to your wedding serve as an ideal means of informing your guests all about the event. With the support of these local businesses, you can be certain that every little detail is just right!