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A bridal shower is are a fun celebration of the bride, surrounded by all the women in her life. Host the best shower with the help of Premier Bride!

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At your bridal shower, you’re surrounded by all your friends in your life and it’s a fun celebration for you – the bride. Your friends shower you with love, attention, gifts, and advice.

In preparation for the big day, a bridal shower presents a wonderful opportunity to honor the bride. The bride’s friends all get to know one another before the wedding by participating in this event. How do you break the ice? You can set up some entertaining games for everyone to participate in and get to know each other better! “Where Were We? and Who can Make the Best Cocktail? are wonderful games you can play to keep the celebration going and keep everyone engaged. These are fantastic ways to get some candid photos and selfies with the queens in your life.

Choosing a fun theme for the party is a terrific way to get the planning process started! Consider the preferences of the bride, or even keep to the wedding’s color scheme! When choosing amongst bridal shower venues, try to pick one that best fits the wedding theme or the bride’s taste. 

With the assistance of top caterers you can find on Premier Bride, you can also have a lovely meal with those that are close to you. A light lunch or brunch is a terrific alternative for a mid-day celebration and is guaranteed to impress the guests! Host the best bridal shower with the help of Premier Bride and its list of bridal shower venues!