Alexandria & Douglas’ Classic Timeless Garden Party

January 3, 2023

How did you meet?

“We actually met on Hinge, an online dating app.”


Tell us how you got engaged. Is there a good story?

“Doug and I were celebrating the 4th of July (our favorite holiday) in Charleston, SC (my favorite vacation spot). He popped the question during the fireworks!”


Describe the style or theme of your wedding.

“Our theme was an elegant, classic, timeless garden party. We wanted to have a formal/black tie event where everyone got dressed up and came to celebrate with us. Doug and I love plants, so the Atrium fit perfectly into our blended style/personality.”



Where did you stop for photos other than your ceremony or reception?

“Presidential Suite, Hospitality Suite, rooftop of the parking garage to the Westin, the Garden Atrium.”

Tell us about the ceremony: Did you have a favorite part? What made it unique? 

“The ceremony was our favorite part of our wedding. It was located in the center of the Garden Atrium and took place just as the sun was starting to come down. The floor to ceiling glass windows let the sun shine in so perfectly and made the whole thing magical.”


Tell us about the reception: Did you have a favorite part? What made it unique? 

“Our reception was also in the Garden Atrium. As it got darker, our DJ brought out foam glow sticks which lit up the dance floor and encouraged more people to dance.”


Tell us about the food, drinks, and desert. 

“Doug and I each had a signature cocktail. Doug’s was a traditional Tito’s and tonic water with a lime. Mine was a Fresquila which is silver tequila mixed with Fresca (Bravo lovers would know this is Andy Cohen’s drink of choice). Our favorite meal is surf and turf, so of course that is what we had at our wedding. Our wedding cake was absolutely delicious… white cake with a frosting that was a 50/50 mix split of buttercream and frosting.”


What three adjectives best describe your wedding day?

“Timeless, Elegant. Classy”


What is one thing you wish you knew before you started planning your wedding?

“Take the time to hire and build your perfect team of vendors so that they can help you see your day through. Trust them as they are the professionals, and be as through and organized as possible. Everything will get done and happen as it should. And if it doesn’t, you will be the only one who knows.”

Any special advice or tips to brides currently planning their wedding?

“I promise that the wedding nightmares only happen at the very beginning stages of planning and then right at the very end… your whole engagement won’t be miserable!”



Venue: Westin Southfield Atrium

Photographer: Erika Christine Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Patty Trojan

Florist: Roses Are Red Events

Dress: Bombshell Bridal Boutique

Videographer: Complete Video Solutions

Hair & Makeup Artists: Kiss & Make Up

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