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Including Children in Your Wedding Day

Jennifer Pointer - Premier Bride of Southeast Michigan

October 12, 2022

If you have little people who are close to your heart and in your lives, honor them by asking them to be a part of your wedding day!! Maybe you have babysat, or helped your best friend in the delivery room, welcoming her newborn. You can include these children on your wedding day. There are plenty of roles for them!!  You can give them the experience of a lifetime, being a part of a union of two hearts.

Expect the Unexpected

Don’t expect too much of your young attendants! Part of their charm and innocence is that you never know how they will react when all eyes are on them, as they take that walk down the aisle. Too much sugar that morning, or not enough rest the night before, may result in some memorable moments!!

Photo by Wild Elegance Photography

Save the Action

Assign children that are older to important roles on the wedding day:

  • Candle Kids – Usually steady-handed teens and preteens (firetrucks are awesome, but we don’t want them arriving unannounced on your wedding day)
  • Flower Children – Typically, these are your youngest in the wedding party (ages 4-8). They scatter flower petals down the aisle, before the bride, sometimes walking, running, or crawling. If you have more than one, they can hold hands for support.
  • Ring Bearers – Usually 4-8 years old. They can walk with the flower child, holding a small fancy pillow, bear, truck, or some other type of carrier that matches the look and feel of the wedding. The ring bearer usually carries fake wedding rings while the real ones are safely tucked away by the Maid of Honor and Best man.

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OK Junior

Junior Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are usually ages 9-16. Young ladies can wear a more modest version of the Bridesmaids dresses, and young men can wear tuxes or the same as the older groomsmen.

Including children on your wedding day can create unforgettable moments that both you, and they, will cherish. As they grow up, they will never forget that they were not overlooked and honored to be a part of your wedding day!

Photo by Luis Hermosillo Photography