Moving with your new spouse

5 Tips When you and your New Spouse Relocate to a More Expensive City

Geraldine Orentas

August 10, 2022

Getting married is a big life change in and of itself but sometimes, joining two lives means other big changes too.  Whether you’re moving to join your spouse, or you’re both starting over in a new location, moving to an expensive city is extra stressful. It is possible to move to a more expensive city and still live on a budget. When relocating to a new city that’s more expensive than the one you’re in, make mindful choices about spending. Here’s how to prepare!

1. Seek Out Free Events

Local communities always have free and fun events. Get in touch with your community’s events and explore everything it offers. From your local library to parks, having the opportunity to connect and explore your surroundings will be a major win here. Plus, some communities organize events like concerts, family-fun days, and more. All for free!

2.  Dining Out at New Spots

Moving to a new city obviously comes with the excitement of exploring new restaurants and watering holes. Of course, treating yourself here and there is necessary, but it’s important to be conscious of how you’re spending on eating out. Do your best to cook most of your meals at home, but set a budget for eating out and ordering each month.

3. Exercise Without a Gym Membership

If you’re into sports and/or fitness, there are ways you can stay in shape and keep up your physical activity without immediately signing up for a membership that may cost twice as much as the gym in your previous town. Take advantage of local community centers that might offer fitness classes for free or at highly affordable prices. Gas prices are a customary cost of living factor that can be considerably higher in larger/more expensive cities. If there are trails and/or well designed bike lanes in your new city, investing in a bike can cover multiple bases for saving money on fitness as well as transportation. If your new living complex has a gym, skip the membership and take advantage of these accommodations.

4. Seek Out Moderately Priced Neighborhoods

If you’re already moving to a high-priced city, consider avoiding the trendiest parts of town. Usually, ultra-popular locations tend to come with steadily increasing price tags. Do some research and ask around to be sure you will feel safe in an area that meets your budget desires. Being just outside of the trendiest neighborhood still keeps you close by and accessible to help save money and stay in the mix.

5. Consider Utilizing Public Transportation

Not many cities have access to public transportation. If your new location has well designed train/bus infrastructure, try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Not only will you be saving tons of money on vehicle expenses and gas, but this gives you a unique opportunity to get to know your new city from a local perspective.

If you’re relocating to a more expensive city soon, keep these tips to stay within budget.

Geraldine Orentas is a writer in partnership with Checkworks personal and business checks
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto