6 ways to use your wedding photos

6 Ways to Use Your Wedding Photos

Premier Bride of Southeast Wisconsin

March 15, 2022

Make the most of your wedding and engagement pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a thousand pictures? Nowadays, wedding photographers give their couples literally hundreds of photos from their wedding day, not to mention engagement pictures. It can be pretty overwhelming—so much so that, if you’re not careful, your photos may live in online gallery purgatory forever. Whether you’re wedding planning or reminiscing, here are six ways to make the most of your engagement and wedding photos.

For the Wedding Planners… 

Use an engagement photo for your save-the-date.

Give your guests a save-the-date they’re sure to treasure. Turning a photo from your engagement shoot into a wedding announcement postcard is an easy way to secure a spot on the fridge and keep your wedding top of mind during the months leading up to your big day.

Bright idea: Make your save-the-date a photo magnet, so there’s no mistaking where to stick it.

Turn your engagement photos into a guest book.

If you’re looking for a unique guest book idea for your wedding, look no further. Create a custom lay-flat photo book featuring pictures from your engagement shoot. Leave lots of white space around the photos so there’s plenty of room for guests to sign. This is a wonderful excuse to get some of those stunning engagement pictures offline and into the world.

Pen & paper tip: Think about what type of paper your photo book will be printed on and avoid pens or markers that may smear. Don’t give your guests just any old pens to write with. Instead, visit your local paper or craft store to pick out something special. Purchase multiple pens so there’s enough ink to go around.

For the Wedding Reminiscers…

Design a wedding photo thank-you card.

Much like a photo save-the-date, a photo thank-you card following the wedding is a nice way to share a favorite photo from the day. It also makes your thank-you more of a keepsake.

Plan ahead: Work with your photographer and a local designer and/or print shop to ensure you’re able to create your custom thank-yous in a timely manner. If your photographer plans to take many months to edit all of your photos, kindly explain that you’re hoping to use a photo for your thank-yous. Ask if they’d be able to edit three to five photos up-front so you have a few to choose from.

Mail favorite photos along with your thank-yous.

Provided your photos are all set and edited in time, send some favorites along to your guests as you send thank-you cards. These aren’t necessarily photos of you, but photos that may hold particular meaning for your guests. For example: If your photographer snapped an adorable photo of your aunts, print out copies and make sure each aunt gets one.

Print tip: You may want to test a few prints before ordering too many. See if the colors in your photos print better on glossy, matte, and so on. You can likely order photos in a variety of finishes through your photographer, or you can download the images and print at a local store. Just ensure you’re happy with the quality before printing in bulk.

Give the gift of a family heirloom.

For holidays and birthdays following your wedding, you’re pretty much set in the meaningful-gift department. Think about it: You can print, matte, and frame a beautiful photo from the day for your parents or siblings, and that’s something the family can cherish forever.

Make it last: Take care when framing your wedding photos for gift-giving. This is one place you don’t want to skimp. Think about how, at your own wedding, you perhaps featured photos of your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings. This photo you’re framing and gifting could serve the same purpose decades from now!

Design a coffee table book.

There are so many online shops that make it easy to create beautiful, quality photo books worthy of a permanent spot on your coffee table. This way you can reminisce about the day whenever the mood strikes, and so can your friends and family whenever they stop by.

Photographer tip: If designing your own coffee table book isn’t your thing, reach out to your photographer. It’s possible they offer this service for an extra fee, or they may know a local designer who could help lay out the photos of your choice in a thoughtful way.