Mothers of the Bride and Groom

The Mother of the Bride

July 14, 2021

Next to the bride, the most important woman of the day is MOM! Finding a flattering and gorgeous gown for her is top priority. the Mother-of-the-Bride collection from Jana Ann Couture offers flattering silhouettes, glamorous fabrics and gorgeous detailing to make Mom feel extra fabulous.

Evening Gowns for the Bride's Mom Gowns for Mom Mother of the Bride Gowns

Don’t forget – Mom’s look isn’t complete without adding a little jewelry or shoes to match. Hey Lady Shoes are a vintage chic line with modern comfort that will sure to keep Mom’s feet comfortable. Top off the look with sparkling accessories from Ariel Traub like their Glam Clutch that can be personalized with Swarovski Crystals.  Check out these looks from  Hey Lady Shoes and handmade jewelry pieces by Ariel Taub Luxury Accessories.

Greta Earrings & Gwen Clutch by ARIEL TAUB / Luck be a Lady by HEY LADY SHOES
Fancypants by HEY LADY SHOES / Divine Necklace, Greta Earrings & Hadley Clutch by ARIEL TAUB
Knotty Girl by HEY LADY SHOES / Glam Clutch (Monogram), Dash Necklace & Julia Earrings by ARIEL TAUB

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