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Wedding Ceremony Trends: Wedding Arches

Ann Meyer LeFiles, Premier Bride of Northeast Florida

January 13, 2021

2020 has brought about a lot of changes in weddings.  One trend we are seeing that is changing on how we see wedding ceremonies is the wedding arch.  It’s not necessarily new, wedding arches have been around for decades.  However, florists and wedding planners have been taking the traditional wedding arch/arbor to the next level with creative designs, unusual shapes, interesting materials and over the top floral displays.  If you want to make a statement during the ceremony and have incredible photographs framing your vows…then you should get inspired  by our collection of wedding arches below!

Golden Circle Arch

This golden circle arch can be used for the wedding ceremony and then re-used again as a backdrop for the couples sweetheart table during dinner.  This simple arch gives great coverage and can be easily decorated according to your theme or wedding colors.  This simple, but elegant design is very versatile.  Depending on the décor or flowers used you can pull off a rustic, modern, industrial, romantic, vintage, whimsical, boho….you get the point!

Photography @Mahal_Imagery
Florists @MaliaFloralDesign & @Seiromendesign
Rentals @SouthernCharmEvents
Arch @AdagioWeddingsArches
Venue Riverside House Jax

Acrylic Arch

Using an acrylic arch will allow you to pull off your modern or contemporary theme easily.  This sleek design gives a stunning visual during your ceremony.  It allows your guests to see thru and enjoy the scenic background that is behind you also.  This arch can be customized according to  your theme and colors by integrating the colors into the arrangements at the top.  Lighting can also enhance this arch and give a new element design, especially for an evening ceremony.

Photography @IveyPictures
Florist @Revelationdesign
Arch @AdagioWeddingsArches
Venue Barn at Cottonwood Ranch

Curly Vine Wooden Arch

The curly vine wood arch is a simple structure arch with a whimsical/rustic/boho feel.  You can adorn this arch with drape, flowers, greenery or hang other décor elements from it.  It is very versatile and looks good with a simplistic design.

Photography @Cynthiaviola
Florist @LoriParkerFloralStudios
Arch @AdagioWeddingsArches
Violinist @adagio_weddings
Venue The Oak Bridge Club

Dark Wood Arch

This simple wooden arch is the most traditional of arches.  It’s square or rectangle shape allows your imagination to be only limitation.   Floral arrangements can easily be attached to the corners, the bases, or the top.  This style will work with just about any theme or wedding style!

Photography @oxana_fedenko_photography
Arch @Adagioweddingsarches
Venue The Beach

Double Circle Leaf Arch

This double circle arch provides an element of depth.  The details of the leaf pattern add that extra element of design and allows the florist or designer to attach décor and flowers with so many additional options.

Photography @ChristineAustinPhoto
Florist @JacksonvilleFlFlowerMarket
Arch @JacksonvilleFlFLowerMarket
Venue The Clay Theatre

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