After the Wedding

After the Wedding

Ann Meyer LeFiles, Premier Bride Jacksonville

May 13, 2020

Now that the wedding is over and all the planning has ended…is the wedding really over?  It’s not! Here is a list of things that need to be taken care of after the wedding.  But  before you jump right in take a few days to relax and decompress….and enjoy married life!

Send Thank You Cards after the wedding

Send Thank You Cards

Your friends and family traveled from all over to be part of your special day.  As you unwrap your gifts make sure you keep a list of all the cards and presents that you received.  It is customary to send out thank you cards 4 weeks after the wedding.  A hand written note thanking everyone who attended is the appropriate thing to do.  Another nice accolade is to send your vendors a thank you note…they also love to hear from their happy couples!

Order Your Photo Albums

Order Your Photo Album

Photographers generally need 4-8 weeks to edit your photographs, of course some could take longer or shorter, make sure you review your contract!  Once the photos are sent to you don’t wait to create your photo album.  While the day is fresh in your memory you want to choose your photos so the day is captured exactly how you remember it.

Leave Vendor Reviews

Sending your vendors thank you cards is important but so is writing reviews and testimonials.  You can send your testimonial into your local Premier Bride magazine and we can post it on your vendors listing on our local website.  Vendors also appreciate reviews on other platforms like Facebook, Google and Yelp!

Change Your Name

Now that you are married it’s time to change your name!  This is easily done at the social security office.  Once you get your paperwork with your name change you will need to update your drivers license, bank accounts and any other legal documents you have.  There are some companies who provide this service to you for a fee.

Have Your Wedding Dress Preserved

If you are planning on keeping your wedding dress make sure you have it preserved. Most dry cleaners offer this service for a reasonable fee.  Without having your dress professionally cleaned, over time it will turn yellow and the fabric could deteriorate. When you have it preserved, they will seal it in a box that is easy to store

Save Your Flowers

Save Your Flowers

A new trend we are seeing is unique and fun ways to save your wedding bouquet or flowers.   We have seen shadow boxes, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, dried, saved in silica, have a picture pained of them…there are so many options!  Consult with your florist, they probably know some local vendors who can help.  Many times, the local wedding expos also have vendors who specialize in this!

Write Down Your Wedding Memories

Before you forget all the memories of your wedding day, make sure you and your partner write them down!  You can make it a simple journal entry or create a book of memories but make sure you write down the day’s events while they are fresh in your mind!

Freeze Your Wedding Cake

Freeze Your Wedding Cake

One of the most treasured wedding traditions is to freeze the top layer of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary!  Make sure you talk to your cake baker and your wedding planner so they can make this time treasured tradition a reality for you!

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