Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

9 Unique Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts They’ll Actually Use

June 5, 2019

When your big day finally arrives and it’s time to walk down the aisle, don’t forget about all those wedding guests who have been important parts of your life. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are probably the people you are closest with and have been a major part of the wedding preparation. Show them how much you appreciate their love, friendship and help by giving them gifts they will cherish for many years to come.

Customized Wine Tumblers or Stemless Flutes

While customized glassware is a common bridesmaid or groomsman gift, try presenting your wedding party with something different—wine or insulated champagne flutes. These durable containers are much more useful than glass and can be taken nearly everywhere. Customized wine tumblers are one of the best items to bring to a tailgate or outdoor party. Ice Shaker wine tumblers are a good example – they keep drinks cold for up to three hours and can even be used to keep ice cream cold!

Personalized Cuff Links

For your groomsmen, few gifts are as special as personalized cuff links for each person to wear during the ceremony on your big day. Cuff links are a special item in a man’s wardrobe that may only be used on occasion, so offering personalized cuff links as a way of commemorating your wedding and the important part your friends and family had in it is thoughtful and practical.

Unique Gift Box Set

Gift box sets are great for both men and women because the items you include can be so flexible. Groomsmen gift box sets typically include items like custom flasks, cigar cases, mugs or beer glasses, amongst other items. For your bridesmaids, you can find prepackaged gift box sets with perfume, lotion and other beauty items, or you can create your own DIY gift box to include personal items special to individual people. Pinterest offers dozens of great DIY bridesmaids’ gifts that you could create and incorporate into beautiful baskets displaying your gratitude for your friends and family.

Money Clip or Wallet

If you’re looking for a truly useful item to gift to your groomsmen, a money clip or wallet is an excellent choice because these are items that everyone needs. Select a stylish color and design for either item to ensure that the gift will appeal to each of the recipients and then add an individual element like laser-engraved initials or stitched monograms.

Customized Tumbler

Tumblers of any size, shape or variety make for the perfect practical and affordable gift for each member of your wedding party. If you want to give your friend and family a high-quality travel container with a more general shape than that of a wine or champagne glass, order custom tumblers perfect for transporting liquids of all kinds. Ice Shaker tumbler cups are available to hold 24 ounces and feature a tapered design, making it easy to reach in and clean the cup. The same double-wall vacuum-sealed technology allows drinks in this tumbler to stay cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to six. To make this item more special, select designs based on each person’s interest and have them engraved with everyone’s name.

Protein Shaker Bridesmaid Gift

Handcrafted Bowties

Much like the cuff links, bowties are an excellent gift if you’re looking for an item that all of your groomsmen can wear during the wedding. Many people are opting to purchase handcrafted bowties from local or regional fashion designers and artists to support the community and grant their guests with a truly unique gift and new wardrobe piece. Depending on the location or theme of the wedding, as well as the personal interests of you and your groomsmen, there are dozens of uncommon bowties you can purchase–from those made of peacock feathers and oyster shells to lightweight wood and traditional cloth.

Matching Personalized Robes

As a complement to the men’s matching gifts, many brides will give their bridesmaids matching robes personalized with their names or initials. Then, each member of the wedding party wears their robes during the morning of the wedding as they prepare for the big ceremony. After your special day, each bridesmaid has a beautiful and comfortable new robe to remember the day.

Matching Bridal Robes

Pajama Set

Another gift that could work for both bridesmaids and groomsmen are nice pajama sets. Silk pajamas in matching colors or customized with initials are both an elegant and practical gift for any wedding party member. If you’re unsure about opting for an entire pajama set, you can consider simply giving high-quality pajama bottoms or slippers which can be gifted along with pajamas or separately as the gift itself.

Handmade Gifts

While all of these previously mentioned presents are beautiful gifts that you can purchase and give to your wedding party, handmade gifts are often more precious. The meaning of a bridesmaid or groomsman gift is to demonstrate your appreciation for each person in your life and their willingness to support you. Your wedding party members will love any type of gift with an individual, emotional connection to that item. Some people create mini scrapbooks or memory boxes while others simply craft something by hand to present to their friends and family.

Consider who is in your wedding party and what type of gift will make them feel special. Then, use that inspiration to find the perfect item for each person taking part in your special day.


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