Will and Queen get Engaged

Real Engagement Story Gets an Olympic Twist

May 17, 2017

Two-time Olympic Triple Jump Silver Medalist, Olympic Long Jump Bronze Medalist, musician, and clothing designer Will Claye got engaged to longtime girlfriend and professional athlete, Queen Harrison! Their engagement story is fun and riveting. Premier Bride talked with Will and Queen to find out all the little details.

PB: How did the two of you meet?

Will: Queen and I met at a professional meet at Stockholm, Sweden in 2011. A mutual friend of ours Angelo Taylor (Olympic Gold Medalist) invited me to dinner at T.G.I. Friday’s and next thing you know Queen meets us in the lobby to head out. In my head I’m like am I a third wheel or are we just all grabbing a bite?! From that day we became friends and a few months down the road we would be on the phone for hours. Next thing I knew we were dating!

Will, did you plan how you were going to pop the question?

Will: I had an idea of what I would’ve liked to do with the proposal, but I couldn’t quite think it out like I wanted because I still had to focus on the fast at hand which was the Olympic Medal. It didn’t go like I envisioned, but I think it was perfect for us.

Will, how did you pick out the ring for Queen?

Will: I searched high and low for the ring to propose to Queen, but I knew that wouldn’t be her ENGAGEMENT ENGAGEMENT ring. Wait till you see the official engagement ring I designed!

Queen, tell us how he proposed? Were you surprised?

Queen: Will proposed in one of coolest and sweetest ways I’ve ever witnessed/and ever! After winning his second Olympic silver medal in Rio, he somehow managed to jump into the stands where I sat with his family. After hugging us all Will started to kneel down where I thought he DROPPED something but he was actually getting down on one knee to ask me to marry him. I was so so surprised that I was literally trembling while he spoke all the while trying to savor the moment and focus on not fainting or something! He got me good, because I am sooo difficult to surprise!

Stay tuned as we follow them along their journey. Congratulations Will and Queen. We’re so excited to feature you on premierbride.com and can’t wait to hear more as you get closer to your wedding date!

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