Pre-Owned Engagement Rings Aren’t Out of the Question Anymore

May 3, 2017

Every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding, the perfect engagement and of course her perfect engagement ring. Whether it’s a beautiful diamond atop a rose gold band or a diamond encrusted platinum band with a simple stone in the middle, every girl can achieve her dream. New designs and styles are available now more than ever but sometimes, the costs of these dreams is just more than you can afford. The average cost of an engagement ring in 2013 was $4,000. In 2015, that cost rose dramatically to $5,978! That means, many couples (especially millennials) are opting for plan B.

In the past, people avoided buying pre-owned rings because of the stigma of “bad luck” that came with them. Philip Johnson, CEO of Have Seen You Seen the Ring, says it’s time to move past that old belief and move to a more practical perspective. Consider these points:

  • Engagement rings that are purchased second hand are more eco-friendly and sustainable, minimizing the need to mine for more diamonds.
  • Used engagement rings are perfect for those planning vintage, antique or boho style weddings.
  • Diamonds are pretty tough – they’re hard to scratch, break, or damage in any way and will stand the test of time no matter how old they are.
  • When you buy a new ring, the diamond’s value depreciates more than 50% once you walk out the door.

Whether a used ring fits your style or helps your bottom line, it’s an interesting option worth checking out.  When it’s all said and done, the ring is just a symbol of your relationship and doesn’t carry a history with it.  You’ll be able to get the ring of your dreams at the price that doesn’t break the bank.  After all, we all make our own luck, right?


Philip Johnson is the CEO of Have You Seen The Ring – a site dedicated to providing a more efficient and knowledgeable way of buying and selling used engagement rings and loose diamonds.

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