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Design Trends – From Color to Texture

April 5, 2017

Many of you may be too young to remember this, but there used to be a time when pretty much all wedding receptions used plain white linens. The general rule then was – if it was a wedding, then you used white. Period.

Of course nowadays, it’s all about color, texture, layers and personal expression, and really, the options are endless. To spark some creative fire we’ve identified six new trends appearing now in wedding reception design.

#1 – Color my world

As mentioned, color in weddings is huge. Any color family that appeals to you will offer a huge range of shades that are beautiful and current. In fact, there really isn’t any color that’s considered “out” – so the sky’s the limit! Love blue? That could mean midnight navy, Tiffany blue, pale ice blue, bright aqua, ocean blue – you get the idea – the list goes on!
A few new colors worth pointing out are persimmon – a spicy, vibrant shade of orange, saffron – a rich, deep yellow, and butter – a warm, soft, golden yellow.

#2 – Texture is hot

Texture in weddings, from bridal gowns to napkins is huge. In linens, this can mean a crushed look, pintuck fabrics, damasks, or other tone-on-tone designs. It can also be expressed through layers such as using sheer overlays on tables or table runners on buffet tables, and accessories such as beaded candlesticks.

#3 – Think metallic

As you may have noticed in the fashion world, metallic is sparkling hot these days! Mixed metals, matte metals and texturized metals are all very current looks that can be incorporated into your wedding reception design through metallic fabrics, accessories or even the furniture.

#4 – Cool grey is hot, hot, hot

You’ll find that many of these trends are interrelated such as grey which can be expressed using metals such as silver, aluminum or nickel. Using a brushed aluminum planter for your centerpieces would actually incorporate three trends: texture, metallic and grey. A wide range of styles and shades of linens in grey tones is also a beautiful, trendy look, and can be accented with other colors such as black and/or white, any shade of red from blush pink to fire engine red, and so on. Experiment!

#5 – Lace is back

In wedding gowns and now in wedding design, lace has made a big comeback after being missing in action for many years. It’s a beautiful way to incorporate a sense of tradition, history and romance into your wedding day. Table linens, especially, have appeared in a variety of tone-on-tone laces, and more colorful options as well. Incorporating a metallic lace over a solid color fabric is another new look.

#6 – Geometric designs offer a modern look

Looking for a clean, modern, streamlined wedding day look? If “no frou-frou” is for you, then consider applying some 1960s-style geometric design elements. If you’re feeling casual and funky then use lots of color with strong geometric designs like white, bubblegum pink and chocolate brown, or black, white and lime green. If you want a more elegant, formal feel, then use tone-on-tone designs or a geometrically designed fabric like a pintuck.

A final thought

The best advice, really, is don’t be a slave to trends! Follow your heart, trust your instincts, and create your own unique wedding style. Of course, don’t underestimate the help, input and advice of wedding professionals who can make your dream a reality with minimum stress and maximum results. With their professional guidance and years of experience, your wedding day will be a beautiful expression of your personal style.

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