Carissa Moore poses for a portrait in Costa Rica. Photo by Jason Kenworthy/Red Bull Content Pool

7 Fitness Tips for Great Looking Arms and Back

March 8, 2017

This is the second in a series of tips from Carissa Moore, Hawaii native and one of the most celebrated World Champion female professional surfers in the world, got engaged a few months ago to long-time boyfriend, Luke Untermann.

Working out to get ready for a big day is a ton of pressure, but the good news is that to get great looking arms and back, it doesn’t take too long! Indirectly, any upper body movements that you do are typically full upper body movements that can help you define and have those arms and back looking amazing for the wedding.

Here’s a few fitness tips:

  1. Make sure to be energized! If you are tired before you exercise you won’t get the same results. I try to make sleep a priority and then drink a Red Bull 30 minutes before my work out!
  2. Ride a bike! When you ride a bike, know that not only are you getting a cardio benefit but you have to literally use your arms and back the entire time to sit upright. This type of aerobic exercise helps facilitate muscle tone and strength in the upper body. If you’re riding inside, you can do ‘mini’ pushups while holding onto the handle bars for some added specificity to your arms.
  3. SWIM! Swimming is by far one of the best ways to work out your full body and it is specifically great for your arms, shoulders and back. Holding a floaty between your feet also makes you use your upper body even more.
  4. Best quick bang for your buck exercises to do anywhere: push-ups (modified is fine on your knees) and dips (for triceps) off a seat or bench. 3 sets of 12 is a good start.
  5. When you’re in the gym, hop on a pulldown machine with a wide bar attached. Extend your arms and try lat pulldowns. These are great for shoulders!
  6. The rowing machine is another quick aerobic exercise tool you can use for warm-up and cool-down that focuses on your back and legs.
  7. Lastly, try an indoor boxing class! It’s awesome to work out with other people and it gets your mind right as well.

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