Gifts for Your Attendants

Premier Bride

December 22, 2013

They’re the friends you have known for years or perhaps soon-to-be in-laws who you admire and cherish for their special words of love and laughter.  Wedding attendants play a large part in weddings and it’s no surprise that brides often languish and toil over the perfect wedding attendant gift.

It’s no wonder that you want to give these special people a gift and long-term memory of how important they are in your life.  If some of your attendants are traveling in from out of town how about holding a luncheon for them the day before the wedding?  Local attendants can also be treated to a nice lunch, however in this case you can do it several weeks before your big day.

In regards to the luncheon you might also want to include your mother, the groom’s mother and a few of the other participants who are helping to round out your day.  This could include singers, organists, attendants at your reception and even parents of important people who have helped your day come together in such a unique way.

A special gift is also in order and you might even want to present it to the attendants at the luncheon if you desire.  More than anything the gift is a thank you for all their hard work.  Many times gifts are engraved and can range from a jewelry box to a key chain to a toasting flute.  Jewelry is another gift that just about any woman can appreciate, but be sure and remember not to give pierced earrings to friends who don’t have pierced ears or a lipstick case to a woman who does not wear makeup.

The rule when giving gifts it to make everything identical with the exception of your maid/matron honor and, for the man, his best man.

Wedding albums are also becoming quite popular since it is a wonderful way to keep your special day in mind.  Perhaps an album engraved with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding might be a nice change of pace for your attendants, both his and hers.  If you don’t just want the professional pictures then leave disposable cameras on the tables at the reception and have guests take random shots throughout the party.  At the end of the night you can collect the cameras, have the photos developed and enjoy making wedding albums for each attendant, complete with personalized images.

Tried and true gifts include:

  • Silver or gold bracelet
  • Silver picture frame
  • Silver engraved compact
  • Silver or crystal engraved jewelry box
  • Wine bottle stopper
  • Wine accessory set
  • Toasting flutes or gold rimmed champagne flutes (perhaps even engraved)
  • Candle with verse
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Engraved key ring
  • Wish pearl and necklace
  • Silver notepad and pen set
  • Compact mirror
  • Roses that are 24k gold
  • Personalized wedding cake topper
  • Silver-plated lip stick case
  • Silver-plated makeup brushes and pouch
  • Silver heart shaped bookmark
  • Bridesmaid bookmark with silk ribbon
  • Engraved bud vase
  • Ribbed glass trinket box

Men also have the responsibility of giving their groomsmen and ushers thank you gifts for their time and loyal friendship.

For men, thoughtful gifts include:

  • Key rings
  • Corkscrews
  • Cuff-links
  • Engraved beer mugs
  • Business card holder
  • Cigarette lighter

However, for every tradition in the world there is an opportunity to break it and nowadays some couples are getting more than just a little creative with their attendant’s gifts.  A good way to have the entire group together while enjoying one another’s company is buying concert tickets or sporting event tickets or even host a dinner for the wedding party after the bride and groom return from the honeymoon.

If it’s a destination wedding you might also opt to pay for your attendant’s airfare or hotel accommodations in order for them to be able to attend.  While some of the attendants you choose to be part of your special day might be able to afford a trip to the South Pacific, others might have to say no.  An excellent gift in this case is just offering to get them to the destination at no charge or offer them a discounted room rate.  Once there, it’s certain that your attendants will also be able to relax and enjoy your special day with you.

Whatever you decide make sure it reflects the fact that these special attendants realize how much you appreciate their time and efforts spent on your behalf.