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7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

December 22, 2013

Why have a plain white guest book at your wedding, when you can do something unique and creative, a lasting keepsake of wedding memories? Here are seven great ideas, from the conservatively beautiful to the wacky unusual.

  1. The Photo Guest Book.   Assign a handy and extroverted friend to take instant Polaroids of each guest or couple, and insert them into a blank guest book with a glue stick or photo corners. Have the guests write a short message beside their photo. This is better suited to smaller weddings, because it’s more time-consuming per guest. Or, have the friend take them digitally, to be printed and added to the book later.
  2. Bring on the embellishments.  Take a plain guest book, and adorn it with beads, lace, ribbons, sequins, photos, drawings, your wedding invite, collages of words from magazines or poetry, leaves, flowers or any other enhancements your creative, brilliant mind can envision.
  3. Handmade with love.  Make your own guest book with handmade paper and an interesting binding (ribbon, aluminum screw posts, rivets, etc.) Check out your local paper stores for classes, materials and other help.
  4. A framed work of art.  Take a great photo of you and your sweetie – perhaps your engagement photo, perhaps in black & white for a classic look – and frame it using a very wide, bright white mat. Have your guests sign the mat using fine-tip black markers. This is a beautiful and personal art piece to hang in your new home.
  5. A puzzling idea.   Here’s a very unusual idea: a photo of you and your fiancé is adhered to a wood backing and created into a puzzle. Your guests sign the back of each puzzle piece with a fine tip black marker. Learn more and see photos at MGC Puzzles web site –
  6. Serve it on a platter.   Use a white ceramic platter and a special pen to create a unique guest book! Some are decorative only, others can be made food and dishwasher safe after firing it in your oven (30 minutes at 300 degrees.) Or, use a sterling silver platter and an engravable pen.
  7. A deep well of wishes.   Invite your guests to write a brief message to you on pre-cut, small pieces of beautiful paper, and drop them into a “wishing well” – any decorative container: a glass vase, large bowl, bird cage, decorated box, etc. After the wedding, you can either store these good wishes in a memory box or special container, or use them in a scrapbook.

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