International: Chile

December 13, 2013

Legend has it that when the first explorers to Chile started to wind their way down the long, thin stretch of the country, they stopped before they even made it halfway down. According to their accounts, they had already seen more splendor and variety in the landscape than in all their years of traveling combined – and they hadn’t even seen the glaciers or volcanoes yet! Luckily for honeymooners, Chile has done a great job preserving their incredible wealth of nature, mixing adventurous activities with ample opportunity for relaxation among some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Whether you’re looking for a chance to go whitewater rafting, relax in wine country or on the beach, ride horseback through the Andes or hike through mountainous national parks, Chile is truly the destination that has it all.

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If you’re traveling by air to Chile, your flight will most likely stop in Santiago, the capital of Chile and located just about in the middle of the country. It’s ok to spend a night here to gather your bearings before moving on, but there is little charm and even fewer honeymoon attractions in this city of six million. Instead, head out to the more natural areas of Chile, either by their very efficient and reasonably priced bus system or planes for longer destinations.

San Pedro de Atacama, a beautiful desert with attractions such as geysers, horseback riding, bike tours and hot springs.

Valle de Elqui, a charming countryside by day where you can visit the plants where pisco, Chile’s national alcohol and the product that instills the most pride in the hearts of Chileans, is made. Sample a complementary Pisco Sour, a tart, frothy, drink made with the rum-like alcohol. By night, thanks to the high altitude, dry climate and clear skies, the Valle de Elqui is the best place in the world to see the stars.


Rightly titled “The Adventure Capital of Chile,” this tourist town is tucked into the mountains about eight hours south of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Think of an adventure activity; you’ll find it here. Couples can go as daring as they like during the day, including climbing Volcán Villarica (The Villarica Volcano), whitewater rafting, or more relaxed activities like leisurely biking to the beautiful Ojos de Caburga waterfalls, set in a fairy-tale forest. At night, a popular honeymoon activity is booking a suite near the mystic hot springs. Tucked in a dense, green jungle, the springs are among the most relaxing places in the world, especially when combined with a couple’s massage or a dip in the thermal pool. For the couples looking for a combination of adventurous activities and full-out relaxation, Pucón is the perfect destination.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Chile’s biggest national park is constantly on lists of the most beautiful places in the world, and after hiking here for one day it will be easy to see why. Standing in a single spot, you’ll be able to take in snow-capped mountains, a turquoise lake and every color imaginable of flowers. Trekkers usually do the W, a four or five day hike through the main parts of the park, or the entire Circuit, a nine to eleven day hike through everything. Both routes include treks to the Torres, three rock plateaus that change colors with the sunrise, and to Glacier Grey, where trekkers often bring a bottle of something that tastes good on the rocks and use the ice from the glacier to chill their drinks. It is most common to camp at the free campsites along the hike, but couples looking to unwind along the way could also choose to stay at some of the upscale hotels scattered throughout the park, some of which offer honeymoon packages.

Viña del Mar and Wine Country

Just an hour and a half outside of Santiago, Viña offers some of the best beaches the Pacific coast has to offer, more international food than the rest of Chile, great shopping, and then some more beaches. It is also the easiest place to stay if you want to take some day trips into wine country to see where the excellent Chilean wine is made and of course taste some for yourself. The most popular are the Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys. There are plenty of day tours available through the regions, or you could opt to spend a night or two in the rustic vineyards.  Visit for personalized wine tours in the Chacagua Valley.